Grace shares her story of learning to love herself as Jesus loves her, through overcoming a self-destructive and futile pursuit of perfection. We’re all writing the story of our lives. We want to know what its about, what the themes are,…



Sherry shares her story of how her life was changed by faith and obedience through times of uncertainty.  When I first came to know the Lord, I was 18, and I didn’t quite understand what it meant to have the…


Neither Hot nor Cold

My friend James shares about growing up in a Christian home but living a lukewarm spiritual life, and how God radically transformed him into the man of God that he is today. Allow me to begin by sharing some Bible…


Having the Difficult Conversation with my Mom

This past winter, I was at a conference and a good friend of mine shared a heart moving story between his mother and himself. A couple of months ago, he took his mother to the hospital for her regularly scheduled…

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