Meet Rachelle, who shares a story of how she was once lost but now is found. She paints a picture of what prayer, meditation, and studying God’s Word can do for a soul that’s searching. By the time I approached…


Our Need for Need

Leah shares thoughts on the beautiful life of dependency on God to satisfy our every need. This post is an encouragement and reminder to those who proclaim themselves followers of Jesus. Let’s just admit it, we are in over our…


Conquering Pain

Editor Miranda reflects on the difficulties of dealing with pain. What are we meant to do with our pain, and how do we overcome it? This past Sunday, 9/11/11, was the 10th year anniversary of what we have all come to…



Editor Jason shares a raw struggle of trusting God in times of uncertainty. When you lose sight of what’s really important in life, do you trust that Jesus will draw you back? I just turned 31 a few weeks ago.…

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