Have your past church experiences been a stumbling block to knowing Jesus? Joey shares his story of being delivered from a cultic experience through the godly faithfulness of his family. Many times in life, things don’t go as planned. I’ve…


Bonhoeffer and Baggy Pants

“Those who love their dream of a Christian community more than the Christian community itself become destroyers of that Christian community even though their personal intentions may be ever so honest, earnest, and sacrificial.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer (Life Together) My…



Are you ever in a room full of people, but still feel completely alone? Donny shares how he overcame his life of loneliness. Preface: My name is Donny, and I am currently an Art teacher for a high school in…

witnesssf president obama

Obama and I

Our lives are defined by opportunities we grasp and the opportunities we miss out on. Some opportunities come just once in a lifetime. A few weeks ago, I was trying to finish my last action items on a very normal…

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