A Good Catch

Have you ever felt like it was “your turn”, but things just weren’t going your way? Editor Miranda shares her struggle with her pride of being “a good catch,” but not seeing fruits developing the way she had wanted or…

Marisa Whitchurch

Marisa: On Her Search for Truth, Beauty, and Holiness

Have you ever been so desperate to find God, only to discover that he had first been, and always is, pursuing you? In her search for truth, beauty and holiness, Marisa discovered that she was unable to put her faith…


A Hug That Changed My Life

Candice asked for (and received!) a new heart from God to show Christ’s love to the “unlovable” in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. Read on to see how faith and action truly are marks of the Christian life.  Someone…


What makes a Christian different

I recall asking a good friend a while back, what makes a Christian different than any other person. She answered the only difference between a person of the world and a Christian is our faith. As Christians, we have great…

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