The Meaning of Marriage

Our Editor Jimmy discuss the meaning of marriage and how Jesus impacts one of the most important promise we may make in our lifetime. Growing up, I had the ideal family. My parents had a great relationship and I only…


From Broken to Butterfly

Editor’s Note: Freedom House is a home for survivors of slavery and human trafficking in the Bay Area. The first shelter of its kind in Northern California, they provide long-term aftercare for adult female survivors of sex or labor trafficking.…


Trusting His Plan for the Orphans

“Rather than questioning God as to why He had allowed my hand to be burned, I was asking, ‘Why was I adopted and not one of these little kids? Why me?’ My heart and mind couldn’t wrap around the fact…


No Shame

When and why do we feel shame or embarrassment? Where did we learn what to hide and who to hide it from? Susan shares her thoughts, as she observes her children and the way they’re learning these things for the…

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