Sacred Waiting

Although we have a responsibility to do our part, we can’t always control the outcome of our ambitions and goals no matter how much we’ve tried. At times, all we can do is wait, but we can enjoy each season…


The Meaning of Marriage

Our Editor Jimmy discuss the meaning of marriage and how Jesus impacts one of the most important promise we may make in our lifetime. Growing up, I had the ideal family. My parents had a great relationship and I only…



Whether you celebrate this Valentines Day with loved ones or alone, the truth is that you have already been caught by the greatest lover of all time. Our friend Nancy shares from the deepest crevices of her heart on her…


Learning to Love Again

Our friend Jason takes us through his journey of failed attempts at love that brought him to the realization that love starts with the Father. I’ve always thought of myself as a bit of a romantic.  Growing up, my dream…



Meet Rachelle, who shares a story of how she was once lost but now is found. She paints a picture of what prayer, meditation, and studying God’s Word can do for a soul that’s searching. By the time I approached…


Conquering Pain

Editor Miranda reflects on the difficulties of dealing with pain. What are we meant to do with our pain, and how do we overcome it? This past Sunday, 9/11/11, was the 10th year anniversary of what we have all come to…


Passion for Prayer

My dear sister in Christ, Hanbit, shares how God has pulled her close in trying times and how He has developed her into an awesome intercessor for His Kingdom. I was born and raised in a Christian family where I…


About a Boy… Kind of

Through the love of a boy, my dear friend Tria was given a taste of Christianity and was able to learn who God really is, and most importantly just how much He loves her. I had the usual American dosage…



I love stories. Simple stories are the best. The ones that teach you something, even better. The Bible is a book of stories. True stories about a true and living God, people who lived faithful lives and someone named Jesus…

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