Jimmy's photo at 2-12 event

Jimmy – My Journey to Christ

What is God? God is the redemption in my life. God is the forgiveness in my heart. God is the beauty that I see. God is the hope that fills my life. God is the truth I operate with and…


Alpha Pregnancy Center

Chastidy Ronan is director of the Alpha Pregnancy Center. We are grateful for her story and God’s redemptive work through this San Francisco-based ministry. A gentle warmth and blue skies greeted Matthew and I on our wedding day: May 27,…


Sacred Waiting

Although we have a responsibility to do our part, we can’t always control the outcome of our ambitions and goals no matter how much we’ve tried. At times, all we can do is wait, but we can enjoy each season…


A Song for Every Tear

It was a quiet Thursday afternoon. Just an ordinary day until my friend who volunteers at SF City Impact invited me to celebrate Donny’s 50th birthday. Donny is one of 25,160 residents of the Tenderloin district, which is San Francisco’s…


Love Never Fails

The only way we truly know how to love, is to be loved. But by whom? A parent? A friend? A boyfriend/girlfriend? A spouse? We live in a modern culture that is steeped in various forms of “love.” We all…


A Hug That Changed My Life

Candice asked for (and received!) a new heart from God to show Christ’s love to the “unlovable” in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. Read on to see how faith and action truly are marks of the Christian life.  Someone…


What makes a Christian different

I recall asking a good friend a while back, what makes a Christian different than any other person. She answered the only difference between a person of the world and a Christian is our faith. As Christians, we have great…


Thankful for Loneliness

I recently celebrated my 29th birthday. I am not one to make a big deal out of it and this year was no exception. Typically on my birthdays, I get a few friends together. It’s a selfish way for me…


Beautifully Broken

Rachel shares about a life of family brokenness that is all part of God’s perfect plan for her. Do you believe that the brokenness and suffering in your life is actually beautiful? It’s so satisfying to experience the wisdom behind…


Our Need for Need

Leah shares thoughts on the beautiful life of dependency on God to satisfy our every need. This post is an encouragement and reminder to those who proclaim themselves followers of Jesus. Let’s just admit it, we are in over our…

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