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God can call and inspire us in any given moment. It is my privilege to accept.

August 27th, 2010, I flew from San Francisco to LA for a wedding that I had not planned to attend. I was a last minute addition because a friend of mine did not want to go alone. I wasn’t very excited about the wedding but I felt the urge to go anyway. Little did I know it was God calling to me.

When I landed on Friday, a good friend from my college days at Wisconsin picked me up from the airport. He has been an influential force in my faith and it was no surprise that the topic of God and faith arose shortly after I hopped in his hoopty. One topic I brought up was my request for direction from God. I really had the urge to contribute to God’s kingdom, but I just didn’t know where I should focus my efforts. My friend wisely gave me a sarcastic response and promptly invited me to a talent show that evening. He thought it would be good for me to just relax and not over think. I quickly agreed to go to the show because I knew the after party was going to be off the hook!

The show was set in a beautiful, outdoor theater that was illuminated by lighting of all shades and color. The musicians were engaging and the qualities of the performances were outstanding given that everyone on stage were amateurs. The theater was completely packed and only standing room was available to those that were late.



So why did I feel alone?

Despite how crowded the theater was, why did I feel so distant from all the people that surrounded me? I couldn’t help but acknowledge my loneliness in the crowd, and I was so focused on it that I nearly missed the entire second half of the show. Until suddenly, I heard a performer giving thanks to God at the end of her set! And for the first time in my 3 years of being a follower of Jesus, God spoke to me. He said: “Jimmy, I am going to do great things in your life and you are going to do great things in mine.” That statement just kept ringing over and over in my head. It felt as if it was permanently seared into my mind and heart.

After that exchange, I lost all urge to socialize. I couldn’t wait to sleep this strange feeling off. When I awoke the next morning, the first waking thought was again that statement. Instead of fighting it, I decided to mediate on it. An hour later, I found peace. I knew that with God, we are supposed to roll with the punches. He doesn’t explain why, he just expects us to follow. So I figured I would just save myself the wasted effort and be committed to whatever God throws my way next. It was at that moment that my friend walked out of the shower and invited me a BBQ he was supposed to attend 30 minutes ago. I was hungry and inspired so I said “why not”. The BBQ was hosted by The rest is history.


With this blog, it is my great hope that it can build connections between people in the Bay Area to feel the love that God has for us. Whether you are seeking or just curious, whether you are a loyal follower or a new Christian, whether you are poor or lonely, whether you are hurt and hopeless, whether you are happy and joyful, we want to love you. We want to love you the way Jesus has loved us. We want to love you the way we love our family and friends. The blog is a bridge to make you aware that you are not alone when faced with trial. There are others out there that struggle with the same insecurities, addictions, and troubles.

What is

It is a blog. A blog full of stories and testimonies of how God has worked in people’s lives in the Bay Area. We are inspired by, which was the first blog of this kind dedicated to the city of Los Angeles.

What is the vision of

To relay God’s love, grace, and hope to any that wish to seek it through stories and testimonies of everyday people in this city.

Who is behind

Just a few regular people, with regular lives and jobs, that want to spread the word of what God’s love is all about.

It took me over 2 months to make up my mind about whether I should start WitnessSF. In the end, I decided I am going to follow God to whatever end. He has a plan and the success & failure of this blog is not important. What is important is connecting people to share love, grace, and hope so we can build a loving community. I hope all of you that come to the site will embark on this journey with us, to seek God and find our salvation.



I can be found at Lifehouse Covenant Church, located at 700 4th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94118. Our service starts at 10 am PST every Sunday. It would be my privilege to host you one day.



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